Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (1991)

(6.9/10) out of 2,703 votes
Runtime: 88 minutes
Color: Color

Genres: , ,

Directors: Steve Miner
Writers: Matt Williams, Oley Sassone
Cast: Gabrielle Anwar, Michael Schoeffling, Cliff Robertson, Dylan Kussman, Kathleen York, Frank Renzulli, Nancy Moore Atchison, Lisa Norman, Lorianne Collins, Elizabeth Hayes, Laura Lee Norton, Michael J. Matusiak, Jeff Woodward, David Massry, Cheri Brown

The inspiring true-life adventure of a courageous young rebel who defied the odds...and won.

This is the story of Sonora Webster, a teenage runaway during the Depression. Her life's ambition is to travel to Atlantic City, where "all your dreams come true." After leaving home she accepts a job from Dr. Carver and his girl-and-horse high diving act. Starting out as a stable hand her goal is to become a real diving girl. Dr. Carver's son, Al, helps her in her quest by helping her tame a wild horse she's named Lightning. Their early morning practices lead not only to Sonora being put into training as a diving girl, but also for Al's emotions for Sonora to begin to surface. Al leaves after an argument with his father and the diver girl, Marie, is injured in a practice. Sonora finally takes her place and becomes a real diving girl. The act is thriving but fairgrounds are suffering hard times and the show is closed. Al comes back with the surprise revelation of getting the act booked in Atlantic City...

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