Unidentified Flying Oddball (1979)

(4.8/10) out of 432 votes
Runtime: 93 minutes
Color: Color
USA Title: Unidentified Flying Oddball
Original Title: The Spaceman and King Arthur

Genres: , , , ,

Directors: Russ Mayberry
Writers: Don Tait, Don Tait
Cast: Dennis Dugan, Jim Dale, Ron Moody, Kenneth More, John Le Mesurier, Rodney Bewes, Sheila White, Robert Beatty, Cyril Shaps, Kevin Brennan, Ewen Solon, Pat Roach, Reg Lye

Chaos in the Cosmos!

A NASA spacecraft proves Einstein right when, travelling faster than light, it ends up near King Arthur's Camelot. On board are big-hearted Tom Trimble and Hermes, the look-alike robot he built. Tom immediately makes friends with pretty Alisande and enemies with the awful knight Sir Nordred. It seems Nordred is out to oust Arthur, while Alisande's father is not the goose she believes him to be but is also a victim of Nordred's schemes. It's as well the Americans have arrived.

Fun Fact: The Stardust ship prop now resides in a very old fairground/theme park called Blackgang Chine on the Isle of Wight in the UK. Visitors used to be able to explore the interior, but is now off-limits except to look at from the outside.

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