Toby Tyler (1960)

(6.8/10) out of 400 votes
Runtime: 96 minutes
Color: Color

Genres: ,

Directors: Charles Barton
Writers: Lillie Hayward, James Otis Kaler
Cast: Kevin Corcoran, Henry Calvin, Gene Sheldon, Bob Sweeney, Richard Eastham, James Drury, Barbara Beaird, Dennis Olivieri, Edith Evanson, Tom Fadden, Oliver Wallace, James Dietrich, Michael McGreevey

Here comes...the HAPPIEST SHOW ON EARTH!

Taken in by distant members of his family after being orphaned, Corcoran runs away to join the circus.

Fun Fact: Disney was able to bolster interest in this Kevin Corcoran vehicle by using Henry Calvin and Gene Sheldon in co-starring roles. They were both the co-stars of Disney's hit television series Zorro which was then off the air due to legal disputes between Disney and the American Broadcasting Company.

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