Smith! (1969)

(6.3/10) out of 96 votes
Runtime: 112 minutes
Color: Color

Genres: , ,

Directors: Michael O'Herlihy
Writers: Louis Pelletier, Paul St. Pierre
Cast: Glenn Ford, Nancy Olson, Dean Jagger, Keenan Wynn, Warren Oates, Chief Dan George, Frank Ramírez, John Randolph, Christopher Shea, Roger Ewing, Jay Silverheels, James Westerfield

The trouble with Smith was Indians... the trouble with Indians was not enough Smiths!

When the Indian Jimmyboy is accused of murder of a white man, he flees onto the ranch of Smith, who's well known for his tolerance for Indians, since he was raised by the old Indian Antoine. Smith helps Jimmyboy against the mean Sheriff and promises to speak for him in court, thus persuading him to surrender himself to the police.

Fun Fact: Melanie Griffith's first film.

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