Pinocchio (1940)

pinocchio poster
(7.7/10) out of 34,520 votes
Runtime: 88 minutes
Color: Color
Budget: $2,600,000
Awards: 2 Oscars, 2 Other Awards,

Genres: , , , , ,

Directors: Norman Ferguson, T. Hee
Writers: Carlo Collodi, Ted Sears
Cast: Mel Blanc, Don Brodie, Walter Catlett, Marion Darlington, Frankie Darro, Cliff Edwards, Dickie Jones, Charles Judels, Jack Mercer, Patricia Page, Christian Rub, Evelyn Venable

The Wonder Tale The Whole World Loves!

Inventor Gepetto creates a wooden marionette called Pinocchio. His wish that Pinocchio be a real boy is unexpectedly granted by a fairy. The fairy assigns Jiminy Cricket to act as Pinocchio's "conscience" and keep him out of trouble. Jiminy is not too successful in this endeavor and most of the film is spent with Pinocchio deep in trouble.

Fun Fact: Jiminy Cricket required 27 different colors.

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