The North Avenue Irregulars (1979)

(6.3/10) out of 503 votes
Runtime: 100 minutes
Color: Color

Genres: , , ,

Directors: Bruce Bilson
Writers: Don Tait, Albert Fay Hill
Cast: Edward Herrmann, Barbara Harris, Susan Clark, Karen Valentine, Michael Constantine, Cloris Leachman, Patsy Kelly, Douglas Fowley, Virginia Capers, Steve Franken, Dena Dietrich, Dick Fuchs, Herb Voland, Alan Hale Jr., Melora Hardin

The FBI couldn't do it... the CIA couldn't do it... so they sent for... Hill's Angels.

When crooks set up operations in a traditional town, a minister and a group of church ladies are willing to do anything, no matter how wacky, to get them out.

Fun Fact: In the scene where the church is blown up, the movie's crew didn't realize until after the destruction (in one take, of course) that there was no film in the camera. The church had to be rebuilt and blown up again. As of a few years ago, it still sits on a lot at Buena Vista studios.

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