No Deposit, No Return (1976)

(6.0/10) out of 558 votes
Runtime: 112 minutes
Color: Color

Genres: ,

Directors: Norman Tokar
Writers: Arthur Alsberg, Don Nelson
Cast: David Niven, Darren McGavin, Don Knotts, Herschel Bernardi, Barbara Feldon, Kim Richards, Brad Savage, John Williams, Charles Martin Smith, Vic Tayback, Bob Hastings, Louis Guss, Richard O'Brien, Barney Phillips, Ruth Manning

Two would-be safe-crackers 'sort of' kidnap the two grandchildren of millionaire J. W. Osborne. In a story somewhat reminiscent of O. Henry's The Ransom of Red Chief, the ransom amount keeps getting smaller as the two children have the best vacation from boarding school ever with their two new friends.

Fun Fact: Don Knotts said that one day, while he was filming scenes for this project in the San Francisco airport, a director approached him and said he would like to cast him in a dramatic film one day. Although it never happened, Knotts said he was flattered by the offer. The director was Sam Peckinpah.

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