The Littlest Horse Thieves (1976)

(7.0/10) out of 133 votes
Runtime: 104 minutes
Color: Color
USA Title: The Littlest Horse Thieves
Original Title: Escape from the Dark

Genres: ,

Directors: Charles Jarrott
Writers: Burt Kennedy, Rosemary Anne Sisson
Cast: Alastair Sim, Peter Barkworth, Maurice Colbourne, Susan Tebbs, Andrew Harrison, Chloe Franks, Benjie Bolgar, Prunella Scales, Leslie Sands, Joe Gladwin, Jeremy Bulloch, Derek Newark, Duncan Lamont, Ian Hogg, Richard Warner

When the owner of a Yorkshire coal-mine decides to mechanize to increase profits, the mine's pit ponies are scheduled to be destroyed. So, three children plan to steal them to keep them safe. But when they're caught, it's up to the mine owners and the miners themselves to decide what's right.

Fun Fact: Working title "Pit Ponies"

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