The Jungle Book (1967)

(7.6/10) out of 47,055 votes
Runtime: 78 minutes
Color: Color
Awards: 2 Awards, 2 Nominations

Genres: , , ,

Directors: Wolfgang Reitherman
Writers: Larry Clemmons, Ralph Wright
Cast: Phil Harris, Sebastian Cabot, Bruce Reitherman, George Sanders, Sterling Holloway, Louis Prima, J. Pat O'Malley, Verna Felton, Clint Howard, Chad Stuart, Lord Tim Hudson, John Abbott, Ben Wright, Darleen Carr

He's been raised by wolves. Captured by apes. Hunted by a boy-eating tiger. And adopted by a bumbling bear named Baloo. Who'd have thought the jungle could be so much fun! [1984 re-release]

Disney animation inspired by Rudyard Kiplings "Mowgli" story. Mowgli is a boy who has been raised by wolves in the Indian jungle. When the wolves hear that the fierce tiger, Shere Kahn, is nearby, they decide to send Mowgli to a local "man tribe". On his way to the village, Mowgli meets many animal characters in this musical tale. When Shere Kahn learns of Mowgli's presence, he tracks him down.

Fun Fact: Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther, and Hathi the elephant are named after the words in Hindi for their species. Shere Khan means Tiger King.

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