Iron Will (1994)

(6.2/10) out of 3,789 votes
Runtime: 108 minutes
Color: Color

Genres: ,

Directors: Charles Haid
Writers: John Michael Hayes, Djordje Milicevic
Cast: Mackenzie Astin, Kevin Spacey, David Ogden Stiers, August Schellenberg, Brian Cox, George Gerdes, John Terry, Penelope Windust, Jeffrey Alan Chandler, Michael Laskin, James Cada, Rex Linn, Allan R.J. Joseph, Alvin William 'Dutch' Lunak, Tony Griffin

The Uplifting True-Life Story Of Courage, Determination And Triumph!

When Will Stoneman's father dies, he is left alone to take care of his mother and their land. Needing money to maintain it, he decides to join a cross country dogsled race. This race will require days of racing for long hours, through harsh weather and terrain. This young man will need a lot of courage and a strong will to complete this race.

Fun Fact: David Bedford, owner of Black Ice Dog Sledding Equipment and real-life dog sledder, did the mushing for "Borg" throughout the movie. He used his own 7-dog team led by "Chase", a malamute. Filming his scenes took 3 months. David's wife Shilon helped to establish the Minnesota Malamute Club

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