Hot Lead and Cold Feet (1978)

(5.5/10) out of 444 votes
Runtime: 90 minutes
Color: Color
USA Title: Welcome to Bloodshy

Genres: , , ,

Directors: Robert Butler
Writers: Joseph L. McEveety, Arthur Alsberg
Cast: Jim Dale, Karen Valentine, Don Knotts, Jack Elam, Darren McGavin, John Williams, Warren Vanders, Debbie Lytton, Michael Sharrett, David S. Cass Sr., Richard Wright, Don 'Red' Barry, James Van Patten, Gregg Palmer, Ed Bakey

A Blazing Saga Of Hot Lead and Cold Feet

A tough father is out to take control of a small western town with the help of his twin sons: one a gunfighter, the other a mild-mannered coward. Before gaining control, they must first win an odd race and then oust the town's corrupt mayor.

Fun Fact: The film's theatrical accompaniment was a reissue of the Disney short The Wind in the Willows retitled The Madcap Adventures of Mr. Toad.

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