Honey I Blew Up the Kid (1992)

(4.5/10) out of 17,993 votes
Runtime: 89 minutes
Color: Color
Budget: $40,000,000
Awards: 10 Nominations
USA Title: Honey, I Blew Up the Baby

Genres: , , ,

Directors: Randal Kleiser
Writers: Stuart Gordon, Brian Yuzna
Cast: Rick Moranis, Marcia Strassman, Robert Oliveri, Daniel Shalikar, Joshua Shalikar, Lloyd Bridges, John Shea, Keri Russell, Ron Canada, Amy O'Neill, Michael Milhoan, Gregory Sierra, Leslie Neale, Julia Sweeney, Linda Carlson

Wayne Szalinski is at it again. But instead of shrinking things, he tries to make a machine that can make things grow. As in the first one, his machine isn't quite accurate. But when he brings Nick & his toddler son Adam to see his invention, the machine unexpectedly starts working. And when Adam comes right up to the machine, he gets zapped along with his stuffed bunny. Now, whenever Adam comes near anything electrical, the electricity causes him to grow. Adam soon starts to grow to the height of 150 feet. And he is now walking through Las Vegas which he thinks is one big play land.

Fun Fact: Much of the the dialogue between Mr. Szalinski and little Adam, such as the bedtime story and feeding time, was improvised by Rick Moranis in response to whatever Daniel Shalikar and Joshua Shalikar, the twins who played Adam, happened to say.

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