A man raised by gorillas must decide where he really belongs when he discovers he is a human.

Released: 18 June 1999

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas


A Christmas themed, three-part anthology-style video. The first part, "Donald Duck: Stuck on Christmas"...

Released: 7 December 1999

Fantasia 2000


An update of the original film with new interpretations of great works of classical music.

Released: 31 December 1999

Toy Story 2


When Woody is stolen by a toy collector, Buzz and his friends vow to rescue him, but Woody finds the idea of immortality in a museum tempting.

Released: 24 November 1999



To save her father from death in the army, a Chinese maiden secretly goes in his place and becomes one of China's greatest heroes in the process.

Released: 19 June 1998

Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World


Pocahontas sets off on a journey to England with Meeko, Flit, and Percy. Hearing rumors of John Smith's death, Pocahontas tries to prevent war and battle.

Released: 4 August 1998

The Lion King II: Simbas Pride

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride


Simba's daughter is the key to a resolution of a bitter feud between Simba's pride and the outcast pride led by the mate of Scar.

Released: 27 October 1998

A Bugs Life


A misfit ant, looking for "warriors" to save his colony from greedy grasshoppers, recruits a group of bugs that turn out to be an inept circus troupe.

Released: 25 November 1998

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas


Belle prepares the castle for Christmas against Beast's wishes, trying to bring him happiness for the season...

Released: 11 November 1997



The son of the Greek Gods Zeus and Hera is stripped of his immortality as an infant and must become a true hero in order to reclaim it.

Released: 27 June 1997