The Fox and the Hound (1981)

The Fox and the Hound poster
(7.1/10) out of 22,601 votes
Runtime: 83 minutes
Color: Color
Budget: $12,000,000
Awards: 1 Award, 2 Nominations

Genres: , ,

Directors: Ted Berman, Richard Rich
Writers: Daniel P. Mannix, Larry Clemmons
Cast: Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell, Pearl Bailey, Jack Albertson, Sandy Duncan, Jeanette Nolan, Pat Buttram, John Fiedler, John McIntire, Richard Bakalyan, Paul Winchell, Keith Coogan, Corey Feldman, 'Squeeks' the Caterpillar

Two friends that didn't know they were supposed to be enemies.

A young fox named Tod is taken in by an old woman after his mother is killed by a hunter. Full of mischief, Young Tod befriends Copper, a hound dog pup. As they grow up, however, their friendship becomes endangered by what they have become; Copper is a hunting dog, and Tod is his prey.

Fun Fact: The Bear's snarl is the same snarl as Shere Khan the tiger from The Jungle Book and Brutus and Nero the crocodiles from The Rescuers.

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