Emil and the Detectives (1964)

(6.6/10) out of 141 votes
Runtime: 92 minutes
Color: Color

Genres: , , ,

Directors: Peter Tewksbury
Writers: AJ Carothers, Erich Kästner
Cast: Walter Slezak, Bryan Russell, Roger Mobley, Heinz Schubert, Peter Ehrlich, Cindy Cassell, Elsa Wagner, Eva Ingeborg Scholz, Wolfgang Völz, Franz Nicklisch, Brian Richardson, Robert Swann, David Petrychka, Ann Noland, Ron Johnson

When Emil travels by bus to Berlin to visit his grandmother and his cousin, his money is stolen by a crook who specializes in digging tunnels. Emil must get the money back as it is for his grandmother. While following the thief, Emil runs into Gustav, an enterprising young boy who gathers up all his friends to help Emil find the money. Emil's cousin also gets involved and they get into more trouble than they bargained for when Emil's pickpocket turns out to be mixed up with a couple of notorious bank robbers.

Fun Fact: Disney released this movie with the featurette, The Tattooed Police Horse.

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