The Devil and Max Devlin (1981)

(4.8/10) out of 625 votes
Runtime: 96 minutes
Color: Color

Genres: , ,

Directors: Steven Hilliard Stern
Writers: Mary Rodgers, Jimmy Sangster
Cast: Elliott Gould, Bill Cosby, Susan Anspach, Adam Rich, Julie Budd, Sonny Shroyer, David Knell, Chuck Shamata, Deborah Baltzell, Ronnie Schell, Jeannie Wilson, Stanley Brock, Ted Zeigler, Vic Dunlop, Reggie Nalder

A new high in being lowdown.

When Max dies in an accident, he goes straight to hell. But the devil Barney makes him an offer: if he manages to get three innocent youths to sell him their souls in the next two months, he may stay on earth. Max accepts, and returns to earth, equipped with special powers. However his task is harder than expected, especially when 7 years old Tobi demands that he marry his mother.

Fun Fact: During the UK 'video nasty' scare of the 1980's anti-censorship journalist Liam T. Sanford wrote a false letter petitioning against this film to the Police Watch Committee, claiming the movie to be 'sick and horrific', in an attempt to discredit local police forces and expose their lack of film knowledge. Sure enough the film was briefly seized by officers from video retailers before being hastily returned to the shelves.

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