Condorman (1981)

condorman movie poster 1981
(5.2/10) out of 2,180 votes
Runtime: 90 minutes
Color: Color

Genres: , , , ,

Directors: Charles Jarrott
Writers: Marc Stirdivant, Robert Sheckley
Cast: Michael Crawford, Oliver Reed, Barbara Carrera, James Hampton, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Dana Elcar, Vernon Dobtcheff, Robert Arden

He Spies! He Flies! He Death-Defies!

Comic artist and writer Woody performs a simple courier operation for his friend Harry who works for the CIA. But when he successfully fends off hostile agents, he earns the respect of the beautiful Natalia, who requests his assistance for her defection. Woody uses this request as leverage to use the CIA's resources to bring his comic book creation, Condorman, to life to battle the evil Krokov.

Fun Fact: During one take, when Condorman falls into the River Seine, 'Michael Crawford ' nearly drowned after the strength of the current was miscalculated. He was dragged five to ten feet under the water before two lifeguards pulled him out just in time. Crawford was willing to do the stunt again but director Charles Jarrott refused to allow it, and put a trained stuntman in his place.

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