Chandar, the Black Leopard of Ceylon (1972)

(4.0/10) out of 14 votes
Runtime: 90 minutes
Color: Color

Genres: ,

Directors: Winston Hibler
Writers: William Robert Yates
Cast: Ben Wright, Joe Abeywickrama, Esram Jayasinghe, Frederick Steyne

Chandar is a black leopard who lives near the beach of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) together with his mother and his sister. When fishers arrive they have to leave and move to a temple in the jungle. When Chandra explores the new territory he falls into a river but the old Buddhist monk Sumana rescues him from the water. Three years later Chandar gets separated from his family during a forest fire and has to learn to live on his own. He meets Sumana again when the monk starts on a pilgrimage together with the young boy Dasa. They visit the old temples and statues of Ceylon and Sumana teaches him Buddhist philosophy and wisdom. Chandar follows them out of curiosity. During an elephant hunt Chandar saves the boy from the wild elephants but gets himself captured by the hunters and is sold to a circus. Some weeks later the boy frees the leopard from his cage in the circus. Meanwhile the police is searching for another leopard who killed a villager...

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