The Cat from Outer Space (1978)

(5.6/10) out of 1,908 votes
Runtime: 104 minutes
Color: Color
Awards: 1 Nomination

Genres: , ,

Directors: Norman Tokar
Writers: Ted Key
Cast: Ken Berry, Sandy Duncan, Harry Morgan, Roddy McDowall, McLean Stevenson, Jesse White, Alan Young, Hans Conried, Ronnie Schell, James Hampton, Howard Platt, William Prince, Ralph Manza, Tom Pedi, Hank Jones

A close encounter of the 'furred' kind!

A UFO is stranded on earth and impounded by the US government. Its pilot, a cat with a collar that has special powers, including the ability to allow the cat to communicate with humans, has eluded the authorities and needs the help of a man named Frank in order to reclaim and repair his ship to get back home.

Fun Fact: Sorrell Booke's final film performance.

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