Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (1979)

(5.4/10) out of 856 votes
Runtime: 88 minutes
Color: Color
USA Title: Trail's End

Genres: , ,

Directors: Vincent McEveety
Writers: Don Tait
Cast: Tim Conway, Don Knotts, Tim Matheson, Kenneth Mars, Elyssa Davalos, Jack Elam, Robert Pine, Harry Morgan, Ruth Buzzi, Audrey Totter, Richard X. Slattery, John Crawford, Cliff Osmond, Ted Gehring, Morgan Paull

Amos and Theodore the two bumbling outlaw wannabees from The Apple Dumpling Gang are back. They are trying to make it on their own. When they arrive at the town they are going to, all sorts of things go awry. They accidentally subdue the town's legendary lawman, Wooly Bill Hitchcock thus enraging him into tracking them down. They also are accused of bank robbery. And they "enlist" in the army, and burn down the fort. Amid all this the army is beseiged by someone stealing their supplies.

Fun Fact: Richard X. Slattery's final film.

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