Amy (1981)

(6.7/10) out of 142 votes
Runtime: 100 minutes
Color: Color
Awards: 2 Nominations

Genres: ,

Directors: Vincent McEveety
Writers: Noreen Stone
Cast: Jenny Agutter, Barry Newman, Kathleen Nolan, Chris Robinson, Lou Fant, Margaret O'Brien, Nanette Fabray, Lance LeGault, Lucille Benson, Jonathan Daly, Lonny Chapman, Brian Frishman, Jane Daly, Dawn Jeffory, Frances Bay

In the early 20th century, a woman named Amy Medford runs away from her unsatisfying marriage to a rich man and the memories of their dead son to work as a speech teacher at a rural school for deaf and blind children. While the school's Matron, Malvina Dodd, questions her approach, eventually Amy breaks through to several of the children, especially Henry Watkins, a deaf boy who . Meanwhile, as her husband Elliot looks for her, another man, Dr. Ben Cochran, bonds with the children and seeks Amy's affections.

Fun Fact: The film was originally made-for-TV, produced for the Disney anthology series; it was released to theaters instead.

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