20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)

(7.2/10) out of 11,540 votes
Runtime: 127 minutes
Color: Color
Budget: $5,000,000
Awards: 2 Oscars, Other, 2 Nominations
USA Title: Walt Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Genres: , , ,

Directors: Richard Fleischer
Writers: Earl Felton
Cast: Kirk Douglas, James Mason, Paul Lukas, Peter Lorre, Robert J. Wilke, Ted de Corsia, Carleton Young, J.M. Kerrigan, Percy Helton, Ted Cooper

The mightiest motion picture of them all!

The oceans during the late 1860-92s are no longer safe; many ships have been lost. Sailors have returned to port with stories of a vicious narwhal (a giant whale with a long horn) which sinks their ships. A naturalist, Professor (Pierre) Aronnax, his assistant, Conseil, and a professional whaler, Ned Land, join an US expedition which attempts to unravel the mystery.

Fun Fact: Actors portraying the cannibals chasing Ned Land painted humorous messages on their foreheads (not legible on-screen). In particular, one actor wrote "Eat at Joe's" while another actor behind him wrote "I ate Joe".

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